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Ristorante Cambrena is popular with local patrons, passers-by and tourists alike and is located on the Bernina Pass at an altitude of 2300 metres above sea level. The restaurant is open from 5:30 a.m. until late in the evening. The hosts are courteous, and the atmosphere is cosy and warm with a burning stove and the murmurs of patrons chatting away in the background.

On the walls are old black and white photographs of the snow-covered mountains and men crossing the mountains in the winter with pack animals. One photograph filling the entire wall is particularly striking: it portrays a group of sledges drawn across the snow by horses carrying heavy loads of wine from Valtellina to the Engadine: it tells the story of brave, enterprising sledge drivers from Valposchiavo.


Ristorante Cambrena serves local cuisine and specialities including capunet, polenta and mushrooms, pizzoccheri, game, cured meat, cheeses from the valley and home-made cakes.

The cosy, intimate atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a good fondue with friends, perhaps after a long day's skiing, a challenging hike or a group hunting expedition.

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The Glaciers terrace from Hotel Restaurant Cambrena offers a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape.

The panorama includes the Cambrena Glacier—after which the hotel is named—Piz Arlas, Sasa Quadra (further north) and a glimpse of Lago Bianco (so called because of its milky-white colour), along which runs a path leading to the Sassal Masone mountain or Alp Grüm, Palü and Cavaglia.

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